AL Saif Project – DTC

Forcetech Steel fiber 1
Project Name : Al Saif Warehouse

Location : Al Khobar Saudi Arabia
Contractor : Dorar Tamam Trading and contracting
Martial used : 3X FIBMix Loose steel fiber hooked ended 0.75/60
Forcetech proud to annouce completing Al Saif warehouse project with DTC Trading Saudi arabia.

Today, industrial floors and pavements are major applications for steel-fiber-reinforced concrete. In the United Kingdom, several million of steel-fiber-reinforced slabs have been installed over the past ten years, both for ground-supported and pile-supported floors. Other major applications for fiber-reinforced concrete include external paved areas, sprayed concrete, composite slabs on steel decking and precast elements.
Forcetech have extensive experience in Steel Fiber manufacturing that focuses on state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge solutions. Steel fiber has evolved into an everyday solution.
We offer a product that is essential to today’s construction business. Based on highly creative, innovative ideas and technology. Steel Fiber has earned us a strong reputation among both domestic and foreign clients. FORCETECH aims to expand and deliver high-quality solutions all over the world to exceed clients’ expectations. We are a dealer for forcetech products in Saudi Arabia.